DragonRuby Game Toolkit - LOWREZJAM Edition

Hello game devs. Below is a link to a free "Game Jam" License to DragonRuby Game Toolkit: A commercial, cross-platform 2D game engine.

The GameJam is over, see you next year!
This zip file includes a sample app/starting point specifically for this jam (see the animated gif below).

A quick intro video to LOWREZ with DragonRuby Game Toolkit:

Documentation (they are included in the zip file too).

Need Help?

Ping me (@amirrajan) in the DragonRuby Discord if you hit any snags.

Super Easy Setup Guide:

  1. Unzip file (download link at the top).
  2. Go to the directory that represents your operating system.
  3. Run dragonruby.exe.
  4. Open mygame/app/main.rb in the code editor of your choosing. A LOWREZJAM starter game will load up.
  5. Read the comments in the code and follow the change instructions.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Watch the game change.
  8. There are 60+ sample apps under the samples directory that show everything GTK can do.

How to Publish Your Game:

  1. Done coding your game? Cool!
  2. Fill out mygame/metadata/metadata.txt.
  3. Double click dragonruby-publish.exe.
  4. A folder will appear called "build" that includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web versions of your game.
  5. Upload to Itch.